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Baked Daily


Tuscan Bread 500 grams
Crusty chewy texture typical country style white bread, great for mopping your plate clean of sauces and soups. Ingredients: flour, water, salt, natural yeast, yeast. Available in dinner roll size.

Multigrain 600 grams
Packed with healthy goodness & great for breakfast toasted with dark honey by Otto Wattler. Ingredients: whole wheat flour, water rye & wheat flakes, salt, honey, oats, cornmeal. Flax & sunflower seeds, millet, natural years, water & yeast.

Integrale 500 grams
Italian whole wheat Boule, makes great sandwich bread. Ingredients – whole wheat flour, millet, honey, salt, natural starter, water & yeast & fresh rosemary.

Apple Walnut Levain 500 grams
This bread has no commercial yeast & is a natural sourdough. It has chunks of apple and toasted walnuts. Goes well with avocado, cheeses & is a good addition to the dinner table. Walnuts create a beautiful purplish hue. Ingredients – whole wheat & white flour, apples, walnuts, salt, water, natural starter.

Rosemary Raisin Buns 100 grams
Fresh rosemary studded whole wheat dinner buns, packed with juicy raisins, this bun is very fragrant due to the fresh rosemary. Ingredients – rosemary, whole wheat, salt, honey, water, natural starter, raisins.

Brioche loaf 500 grams
Brioche is a classic companion to foie gras, smoked salmon & fresh preserves. This is a very old French recipe. Rich with butter, this bread has a cake like texture. Ingredients – flour, milk, salt, sugar, eggs, butter & yeast. Also available as a Brioche a tete 60 grams & Hamburger Buns topped with sesame seeds.

Italian foccacia gets topped with caramelized onions & rosemary & these rounds are great for sandwiches & as bread to dip in tapenade & favored oils. Ingredients- flour, water, yeast, honey, salt, onions, rosemary.

Fig and Walnut Loaf
Calimyrna figs and toasted walnuts make this the perfect companion for pates and poultry dishes. Ingredients:- white flour, figs, walnuts, honey, yeast, salt.

Whole Wheat
All Icoa sandwiches are made on whole wheat, great breakfast bread and a natural addition to any picnic sandwiches. Ingredients: - whole wheat flour, millet, honey, yeast, salt.

Breakfast Pastries

Orange Cranberry Sticky Bun

A non-traditional twist on a classic.


Butter Croissants that are perfect with a café latte if you are on the run.

Almond Croissant
This very satisfying pastry is filled with freshly ground almonds, butter and sugar and topped with an almond streusel to make it addictively scrumptious.

Blueberry and Cream Cheese Muffin
This muffin has a cake like crumb and is studded with blueberries and cream cheese.

Pain au Chocolot
Chocolate filled croissant.

Cinnamon Roll
This cinnamon coffee roll is a Danish pastry layered with vanilla pastry cream that makes it moist and satisfying with every bite.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Baked daily these cookies are a staple and great with a cold glass of milk.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
All the healthy goodness and no deductions in taste.

Peanut Butter Cookies
An all-time classic.

A mini cake, made with butter, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour and chocolate and has a soft center.